PD 2019 AFL

Competition Summary

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Competition Summary

Results after scoring Grand Final

No winners this round.

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Top 10 Tippers
1st Hickey, Chris 288
2nd de Vries, Kevin 282
3rd Knott, Jodie 280
4th de Alwis, Elmo 278
4th forsyth, randall 278
6th Henderson, Paul 276
7th Kandasamy, Chinthuban 274
8th holland, shaun 272
8th Hope, Ali 272
8th nolan, John 272

Bottom 10 Tippers
175th Allamby, Matt 174
175th Butler, Daniel 174
175th dale, jason 174
175th Flynn, Gary 174
175th Thai, Tong 174
180th Campbell, John 172
180th Dunlop, Ben 172
182nd Cruickshank, Andrew 170
182nd Hamilton, Bruce 170
184th Lizarraga, Fernando 167

Results for Games in Round 27
Richmond 114 defeated GWS Giants 25